By carliewired

Mission Flats

I can see where the
river meets the lake and where
eagles meet dinner

~ carliewired

We'd been promised a sunny day in the forecast, but we didn't see any until after 2 PM. I'd almost resigned myself to an indoor blip when I looked out to see blue sky over the city. 

I crossed the bridge and drove west along Mission Flats. I noticed how low the river is. There are broad expanses of sand in every direction. People are using the opportunity to run the kids and walk the dogs. 

I spotted an eagle perched in a tree near the river. When I got out of my truck with my camera, there was a lot of squawking going on. A raven was harassing the eagle. It flew closer and closer to the eagle. It perched and the eagle looked down disdainfully, but undisturbed. 

There is quite a bit of ice flowing in the river. It tends to gather in the bends where the flow slows down. It makes tinkly, crushing sounds like ice in a drink glass when it's sloshed around. That ice may well increase soon as we are promised snow and colder temperatures. 

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