Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


There are so many chickadees in our area this winter that it's impossible to step out and not see one.  And it's not just in our garden - all my friends in the area report much higher numbers than usual.  No complaints here as they are the sweetest little birds and never bashful about zipping right over to see what I am up to.  There were a half dozen flitting around so getting this shot was fairly easy - notwithstanding the fact that they usually perch for about a half second.  Lots of shots of empty branches.  

It is bitter cold again today, and gusty winds so I've stayed mostly indoors.  I've been playing with some editing software which has kept me well entertained.  And I had a nice long chat with bestie Kura this morning.  

Hubs went to see MIL for a couple of hours today and says she is a bit listless. The nurse and aide both said that many of the residents are feeling a bit under the weather after dose 2 of the Covid vax yesterday.  But no fever, which is good.  Hopefully by the time we zoom with her tomorrow she will be back to her usual self.  

Hubs has now read and scanned roughly 850 letters to/from his uncle who was killed in WWII.  He was the first generation of Hubs' family to be born in the US and also the first son.  It must have been so terribly hard for Hubs' grandfather to lose his only son and at such a young age (21).  The letters, however, are an invaluable glimpse into the past - a treasure.

SIL is in the process of moving out of our house right now, after living here 3 1/2 years.  She is now financially self-sufficient and is going to be moving in with a friend.  It will be an exciting new chapter in her life, and at the same time nice for us to get back to being...just us.  Lots of commotion at the moment though.

I haven't looked at our Covid stats for a few days - can't bring myself to see the number of deaths, to be honest.  

Continue to take all precautions to stay safe, please.


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