I Witness

By KangaZu

No Mono Monday

... this week.

Unless you count this one.

I was out on the deck for a surprising length of time this afternoon considering how cold it was today ... the high was in the low 30's F.  All told I was out there almost 2 hours!!!  BRRR! 

There was so many squirrels and birds out there today that I couldn't bring myself to come in the house ... even if I was freezing.  I even asked Richard to bring out the 600mm lens for me so that I could photograph the birds.  The bottom two pictures in my collage were taken with this lens.  But the photo of the Red-bellied Woodpecker was taken with my camera and the 300mm lens. I didn't have to crop the photo all that much ... mostly I cropped out the feeder in which he is sitting.  The other two birds are a tufted titmouse (bottom left) and a female house sparrow. 

I'm really thrilled by the return of the tufted titmice this year.  The past several years I would only see one on a very rare occasion.  But not this year ... I see them quite regularly in our back and front yards now.  YAY! 

Backblipped: January 26, 2021 ... as well as Silly Saturday and Sunday.

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