By strawhouse

Birthday Preparations

This was the scene at 9pm tonight when Miss E came down to work her annual magic and turn the living room into a Birthday Wonderland. I love her haphazard enthusiasm!
This was taken about halfway through - before the balloons went up!
Once it was done Mr K went into the garage to get Miss L's main present - a new bike. When we went out the other day I realised her bike was far too small for her so ordered her a new one for her birthday. I looked at the extra here (how young does Miss E look?!!!!) and thought that, at the same age, we'd got Miss L the smallest adult bike rather than the biggest kids bike. 
We had not.
When Mr K wheeled it in tonight my heart sank as it was ginormous. Far too big for Miss L :-(  I was so cross as it's been in the garage in a huge box for days and I've been saying we need to get it out to check it but, us being us, we didn't.
Mr K was all positive and saying it'll be a bit too big for a while but she'll grow into like Miss E did. 
Watching Mr K valiantly putting on the pedals and ignoring the evidence of his own eyes was simultaneously sweet and heartbreaking! In the end I went over and got on the bloody thing myself. When he saw that I could only reach the floor on tiptoes Mr K finally admitted defeat!
I was so looking forward to Miss L seeing it all wrapped up and covered with balloons but it wasn't to be. Mr K took it back out to its box in the garage and we spent hours trying to find a way to get her one as soon as possible. Ideally in less than seven hours time! 
We both admitted defeat and I ordered the bike we should have ordered in the first place which can be delivered in bits by Thursday, or can be collected in store the weekend of February 20th. For some unfathomable reason they won't deliver a child's bike already assembled. Mr K is pretty handy with a screwdriver but we decided to err on the side of caution and order the assembled one for collection. 
Thankfully we had a pile of presents to wrap for Miss L to open in the morning. We never really do big birthday presents so it's always a stack of little things and she won't know any different, not knowing she should have had a bike.
And thankfully, because I wanted to make up for it being so rubbish for her having a birthday in Lockdown away from all her friends and the fun normality of school, I got lots of little presents and treats despite saying I wouldn't because of the bike. 
Thank God!!! Imagine, just a packet of Reeses Pieces and a book for your birthday!!!!
My mind goes back to this time eleven years ago not knowing the drama awaiting us the next day. And the beautiful miracle we were about to meet.

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