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Something I treasure

The Tiny Tuesday theme today is " Something I treasure".  Thanks to Pinkhairedlady for hosting. In my blip you can see the necklace and earrings which I wore for my daughter Becky's wedding to Mike in  September 2008.  The jewellery has no real monetary value but its the memories it brings back which I treasure.

The wedding took place in Las Vegas and the day itself was really special. It was a small wedding - apart from me there was Mikes parents and sister.   I " gave Becky away " as her Dad sadly died in 2001. The wedding took place on the balcony of the Bellagio Hotel overlooking the lake and fountains. It was such a perfect setting.  I enjoyed every moment I spent in Las Vegas.  I really enjoyed exploring the place on my own and felt quite safe there even in the evenings.  My favourite thing to do was to watch the Bellagio fountains after dark.  Magical.  I have added a collage of a few photos from the day.  Becky and I after we had been " pampered " before the wedding... we had our hair, nails and make up done.  Becky and I just before the ceremony.  Becky and Mike after the ceremony watching the fountains while their chosen song was played .... Fly Me To The Moon - by Frank Sinatra. ( click the link if you want to see the fountains at night  ).

I have felt rather out of sorts today and I think maybe it might be a delayed reaction to the Covid jab I had a few days ago.  I have felt better this evening so hopefully by tomorrow I will be fine.  Its rained most of the day so I wasn't tempted to go out.  I did get a few chores done and watched a bit of TV - including the final episode of The Serpent which I really enjoyed.  I do like watching true crime stories. 

Got a letter this morning to say that the results of the routine mammogram I had recently were fine.  Such a relief.  Its always a nervous time waiting for the results - especially as my Grandma died of breast cancer.

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