Yin Yang

By laurie54

Paying Homage

When I posted my first blip on 01 January 2011 the following were in place:
* The site was even more unique than today, featuring a wonderfully grey background and not this screaming, blinding white
* No frames allowed
* No collages allowed
* No text allowed (check out my 730th or 1095th blips)
* No extras
* No Popular page. But there was a spotlight page and you'd get really excited if your blip was included. No minimum stars or faves. But you had to be quick or you might miss yours.
* Replies to a comment on your journal were only possible by going to  the commenters journal, which forced you to visit others
* Balloons looked more like real balloons
* Cameras looked more like cameras (not circles) and when you hit red at 2000 blips, they were sparkly!
* You couldn't give a star but you could give 5*. And you'd get annoyed and wonder who gave you 1*
*  Hearts were not referred to as hearts. They were referred to as faves (aka favorites)
* Blippers were more widely known by the name of their journal than their screen name

I miss a lot of the original Blipfoto.

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