By ArcLight


Today really felt like the seasons had turned. We haven’t had the heating on, as it was reasonably warm when we got up, we’ve been pretty active most of the day, and the sun was on the living room windows in the morning. This all adds up to a warm flat. In fact, if we now stuck the heating on, I suspect we would find it too warm when we went to bed. The perils of living in a flat, of course.

In addition to getting in a good walk along the front past the currently inaccessible graffiti wall, and then past the docks and up The Shore, we also accomplished quite a few domestic chores. Mr A led the way by replacing the ‘brake pad’ on my spinning bike. I have a new one on order, but in the interim we did a quick repair using some of that sticky felting you put under chair and table legs to stop them scratching the floor. It seems to work. We did the shopping, and I did some insta-gardening, planting out the 10 primulas (for a grand total of £2.50...) that I picked up at Lidl yesterday. A little bit of insta-colour. I cut back all the dead growth from last year. What regrows regrows. If it doesn’t make it, I will get some new stuff. We shall soon see. It was pretty satisfying. Other than that, I did mounds of laundry and fiddled with some documents I’m preparing.

Of course, loads of people were out and about, which is why we avoided the paths, and stuck to the streets instead. It was at least quiet down by the Docks. I’ve added an extra of some big ships, taken with the wide angle lens and then corrected to my satisfaction using Lightroom. But the numbers of people sitting enjoying the sun along The Shore were pretty impressive, and anywhere that was open had long queues for takeaway. You do what you have to do, don’t you, in order to survive these times. We helped ourselves to an extra chocolate chip and walnut cookie when we got back! No need to queue for those.

What a difference a weekend with good weather makes, though! We’re celebrating by finishing off the “Downpour”.

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