I Witness

By KangaZu

Wild Wednesday ...

.. slow wildlife day.

For some reason there just wasn't much wildlife out today.  The song sparrow at the feeder was the only one I saw on this feeder the entire time I was out on the deck.  I think all the birds had been such gluttons over the past few days because of the weather that they just weren't hungry! Today was absolutely gorgeous!

And let's not even talk about the lack of squirrels.  Thankfully we were able to get out to Housenick Park for a walk this afternoon and my eagle eyes spotted the squirrel you see in my collage huddled way up in the tree as we were driving out. 

The small boy sculpture is in our backyard and I use it to measure either the snow fall or the snow melt ... as is the case here.  There have been days this month where he isn't even seen!  If you look at the extra photo posted on this day you can see him with more snow. 

The snowmen in my collage were made by our neighbor's twins yesterday.  I don't think they will last long as it's warming up nicely today with plenty of sunshine.  

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