I Witness

By KangaZu

Abstract Thursday ....

... in extras! 

Once again this week I'm posting my Abstract Thursday 'painterly' picture in the extras as this beautiful blue jay had to have top billing. The picture is of a family at the otter exhibit at the zoo ... more on that later.

I was so happy to see him this morning as I sat on the deck.  They are bold creatures and usually have no fear of me.  I was no more than five feet away at the time of taking this photo.  I love my blue jays!

As the weather continues to be nice ... warm and sunny ... Richard took a long lunch so we could look for the other, larger ice tree sculpture that we missed the other day.  We found it easy enough today ... upper left picture of collage ... second extra! 

We also wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather so worked a quick tour through the Lehigh Valley Zoo whilst we were on that side of town.  We were so happy to see the Mexican Gray Wolves out as we hadn't seen them for quite some time.  Each time we have visited the zoo for the past year or so the wolves have been in a part of their exhibit that is not visible to the public.  The wolf that you see in the upper right picture of my collage (second extra) is new to the zoo and this is the first we have seen her. Her name is Magdalena (spelling?) ... nicknamed Maggie.  The other one lying down is Omega.  He is the only male left of the three original brothers. 

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