Yin Yang

By laurie54

Madera Canyon Day One

It was a cloudy, windy day and very cool.  Yesterday was so warm that I thought I had packed too warm.  Turns out I didn't pack warm enough.  The sun was in and out early but not enough to make me very comfortable. By 4:30, I had begun my fire, not so much because I was hungry for dinner but because I was so dang cold. I don't come here to sit inside all day!

I took a lot of pictures and saw a few birds I hadn't seen before.  Unfortunately, they showed up once and I wasn't able to get a shot. Among them was a Lincoln's sparrow. I've seen Painted Redstarts before but missed the shot.

For today's blip I selected a broad-billed hummingbird. One of the employees of the lodge put a tiny feeder on the railing. The extra is perched but I really liked the photo.  Both look terrific in high resolution large.

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