Murphy’s Law

By laurie54


Mr. Gambel's quail was out looking for a midday snack with the Missus.  It's been only recently that I've realized the first thing they go for in the seed mix is the 1/2 peanuts. So spoiled!

I felt like I was busier than usual for a Tuesday.  I had to get up early because my housekeepers were here at 8:00.  I let them get started then left to get some breakfast.  It was bone-chillingly cold, windy and drizzling which meant I wouldn't be able to eat al fresco as is my usual modus operandi. Later in the afternoon the sun came out to stay.  I had about an hour before my TeleTherapy appointment so I got some laundry started. I had some time after that hour to continue the laundry and do some little things like drag the trash bins back into the garage.  Then it was a 90-minute  camera club bird photography Zoom class.  Of all the stuff I did, that was definitely the most fun.

The rest of the day has been processing the photos I took for this past Sunday and mono Monday, and of course, this one. This is SOOC except for a pretty tight crop. I wanted to feature not only him trying to pick up that peanut but also the pattern in the feathers.  I don't think I ever noticed how intricate it is.  This might look better in LARGE

Thanks to everyone for the amazing comments, hearts and stars on my last couple of blips. Number person that I am is noting to myself that this is blip 3737.

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