Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

The Interview

Today, I was interviewed by Green Valley News reporter Mary Glen Hatcher. She's a recent hire, having moved to Arizona from North Carolina; very affable and invested in the story.  We met at my house for two hours.  I spent most of the time talking about Blipfoto, which was the subject of the interview.  I think I was able to get across what a wonderful and supportive community this is.  I explained how little I shared about myself at the beginning but time as went by, I learned to trust my blip friends and have been able to let them into my life.

One of the things she wondered was if I start the day knowing what I am going to blip that day.  I'd say 98% of the time I don't.  I showed her some examples, like things I spot when I'm driving (eg those alien spaceship clouds).  I made sure she knew that I'm not the best photographer in town, there are 800+ members in the camera club,  but that I am the only one who is committed to anything like blipfoto.  In fact, there really isn't anything like blipfoto.  (Anyone think BC would like to know about the PR?)

She loved the birds in the backyard and was amazed that when we went outside so she could take my picture that the Gambel's quail and hummingbirds seemed to be unfazed by our presence.

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