Yin Yang

By laurie54

Twelve Hours Left

I have been working on removing everything from all of the carpeted areas for about 9 hours. Admittedly, I have taken quite a few breaks. So much of what’s been moved hasn’t been for years so there’s tons of dust. That doesn’t bode well for someone with allergies and asthma.

A friend came over earlier and took care of clearing out and packing up the master closet. It was a big job but she reached her physical limit. I’m still going. The office continues to be the biggest hurdle but once I get my camera stuff out of their cubbies and into their bags it will be downhill from there (HA!)

Minor complication early on. I tripped over rugs that were being moved, fell and twisted the bad ankle and knee. The procrastination, the tripping...all self inflicted. After the problems I had breathing today, I’m thinking that I shouldn’t be in the house tomorrow, especially when the old carpet is yanked out. Coughing and sneezing like crazy now even with the doors and windows open.

Before I go to bed I will be disconnecting the internet and everything electronic. Figured it might be a good idea to take pictures of the mazes of wire. These are behind the television.

EDIT: I’ve been asked how the newspaper came upon the blipfoto story.
I’m friendly with the editor of the newspaper and had promised him some photos from my last trip to Madera Canyon. It had been weeks before I remembered. I didn’t know what to send him so I sent him an email with the link to my journal so he could pick what he wanted. He knew me as a decent writer and photographer but I had assumed at some point I told him about blipfoto. He wrote back amazed, especially when he learned I posted something every day for over ten years. He asked if I would agree to speak to a reporter.

I think we have all tried, mostly in vain, to promote and recruit for the site. I’ve learned that you can explain it to death (pretty sure I had told Dan) but until you see it...

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