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A trip to Little France to see how things are. Delivering those most essential items, hot cross buns. Home I went via Waitrose with a sudden strong desire for gyoza. Damnation, but they only had veggie ones! Veggie it was.
Back home to fritter time away, though I did manage a stomp around the neighbourhood. I was “amused” to hear that thanks to "uncertain messaging" shall we say, some 61 per cent of people in France now believe AstraZeneca is unsafe.  As one wag wrote, if Piers Corbyn was the French President, he couldn’t have been more effective than Macron at spreading the anti-vaxxers message. 
Later, a cup game. Have Hearts ever been knocked out the cup by non-league opposition? What about non-league opposition who haven’t even kicked a ball for 71 days? They haven’t? They have noo! 

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