An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Flower Power...

I spent so much time on my laptop over the weekend what with FaceTime get togethers and a five hour RPS Advisory day, something had to give and it was Blip.  
But I am happy to say that when I upload this I will have caught up with myself (Backblips start here) as I hate being behind on here.

More time spent on Ann's Chookie Birdie this afternoon.  Made myself laugh at one particular addition.  Hoping it will be finished tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest then I will be able to share it.

While I was waiting for parts of that to dry, I had left over paint so put it to good use making some cards.  I've not made cards for ages (I'd forgotten how much I enjoy it) and my stock is getting low so that's given it a wee boost.  Blipped the four cards that I completed but there were a few more still drying.

Heading to bed sharp tonight as up extra early as Lola has a very special day tomorrow.  All will be revealed in tomorrow's blip ;-)))

And I promise I will make time for a proper blip catch up.  Hope I haven't missed anything exciting!!

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