Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Spring Flowers...

Slept late, ran some errands, read a bit, took a nap, fiddled about in PS.  That pretty well sums up my day.  And, because it was very cold and very windy outside, I didn't spend a lot of time feeling guilty for being so lazy.

Of course, all of that left me at 4 in the afternoon without a blip.  So I quickly snapped a shot of a little bouquet of daffodils from my garden and then twirled them in PS.  I realize that this isn't serious photography, not by any stretch.  But it's fun and I always think the results are pretty and interesting.  And it kind of represents my swirl of emotions right now.  The very boring original is in Extra - I think you will agree that the twirled version is more fun.

Tonight is my biweekly zoom cocktails with the besties so we've redubbed them "biopsitinis" for today.  A little gallows humor, which I definitely enjoy!

Thank you all for the very kind words and all the extra support you've provided recently.  Each and every comment has helped, believe me.  

Go forth, be safe, be kind.  I haven't decided yet on today's chocolate but perhaps something with a hint of chili.


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