By carliewired

Art and Art

Between the bridges
there are art pieces to be
discovered and found

~ carliewired

It was a very chilly walk along the Rivers Trail between the Red Bridge and the Railway Bridge this morning. 6 C with high cloud and gusty wind. I made it a quick one! 

There are several art installations along this section of the Rivers Trail. The largest, a commemorative, is credited to the Forest Plaza Donors. It is a series of vertical slabs embossed with trees and surrounded by benches. 

The Rivers' Trail Labyrinth has been created in a circle and is made of different coloured brick. The plaques explain its history in the world and its importance to a local individual whose supporters have funded this endeavour. I'm sorry to say this installation is not very successful in that the labyrinth is not easily seen. The bricks do not contrast sufficiently to convey its meaning/purpose. I did appreciate the juncos flitting in and out of the pines beside it. They were picking through the fallen cones to find seeds. 

There's another modernistic metal sculpture on a rise above the walkway. I'm sorry to say many of the plaques for installations have been stolen so I cannot give this one credit for its title or artist. 

A metal art piece that represented the growth rings in a tree trunk held a little surprise for me. I took my photo and walked on to take a photo of the railway bridge and its usual Canada geese. Today, I caught a pair launching off the top of the bridge. As I turned back I caught sight of a small painted rock sitting under a bench. At closer inspection I could see it was a painting of a gnome holding a pumpkin. I am sure it wasn't there last week when I walked by! That made me go back to look at the centre of the tree rings as it held something there. It was another painted rock. 

So, someone must be releasing painted rocks just as I am releasing quilted hearts. I placed my heart on a tree branch nearby and claimed the small painted rock for myself. It is now sitting in my dining room! I am pleased that I found it. I will give it a good home. 

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