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By walkingMarj

Spring in Humshaugh

I'm glad to report that I have continued to improve. My eye is still a bit swollen and very itchy, but the pain has subsided a lot.

It was a beautiful day. I treated myself to a stroll to the village shop for eggs. 

On the way there and back I met:

Nicola, who lives opposite, but I haven't seen for weeks. We had a good catch up chat.

Suzanne at the Dower House. I was returning a bag of DVDs she loaned us during the second lockdown. We had a good chat, particularly about our concerns about the GP surgery.

Sally in the shop. She managed to sell me two books of Christmas stamps, although I had specifically asked her not to! I'll go back tomorrow and change them.

Maurice, who has had my copy of the Covid book to look at. I was thrilled because he likes it so much. Then he brought out Billy, the puppy, who had just been for a trim and looked very cute.

Pat, who shares a birthday with me. We had a good chat.

By the time I returned home, Mum thought I had got lost!!

My photo is taken on the opposite side of the street from our house. Margaret and Brian's forsythia is very good this year. We have a lot of aubretia on the stone walls in front of houses. I love it.

PS Brian runs the oil buying cooperative in the village. He sent us all an email on Thursday, announcing that the oil company is going to put a special logo on their new oil tanker to mark the sales of over 3 million gallons of oil between 2011 and 2021. It will say The Humshaugh Oil Buying Group. (Over forty people sent congratulations. Nice one Brian.)

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