Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj


I felt much better this morning, as if the infection had receded. Wonderful. I was able to do a few things in the house, but gently. 

After lunch I crashed again. That was not part of the plan. I had hoped to go for a short walk and breathe in fresh air. It was sunny but very cold. I slept instead.

I obviously need to take things easy until I have recovered.

I managed a short toddle around the garden before dinner. We have several varieties of daffodils and narcissi. Most were planted before we came here and I'm grateful to the gardener who put them in. They are a delight.

Maureen phoned and it was lovely to have a chat. I hope to do a short walk with her next week.

Thank you for all your concern and kind comments. The tablets arrived at 1014 last night. Well done to Haydon Bridge Pharmacy and their lovely driver, who found us in the dark.

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