By hazelh

Flat earth society

Paddy, Mr hazelh and I made more garden progress today:

1. The pond is finished, complete with a solar powered pump to aerate the water whenever the sun shines.
2. The area around the shed is now paved with sixteen 600mm x 300mm limestone slabs (two with bonus fossils). With creative use of a drill, Mr hazelh cut the last slab to fit (450mm x 300mm).
3. Guttering is attached to the back of the shed.
4. Eleven spare 300mm x 300mm slabs have been repurposed as stepping stones to the pond.
5. More wild garlic has been banished from the borders.

Still on the 'to do' list:

1. Paint the breeze block wall.
2. Make the compost box.
3. Attach the gutter on the shed to the water butt.
4. Seed the lawn.
5. Turn the pile of stones by the tree hydrangea into a rockery.

Nearly there... (and for comparison, see my blip of 21st August 2020).

Exercise today: gardening.

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