It FEELS like winter but it MUST be spring if the rapeseed is out! I had been in Maidenhead visiting a friend for afternoon tea in her garden - with my warmest coat on, a hat, and under a heavy blanket. We sure could use some warmer weather now that we can meet others outdoors and even go to pubs and restaurants for outdoor dining only.

The visit wasn’t long, for obvious reasons. But on the way home I did a short walk along one of my favourite paths. I love walking through these fields when the rapeseed is out. There are more rapeseed fields closer to home, so I’ll visit them too and there may be more yellow blips from me in coming days!

In other news - I am pleased that we are now ALL being offered free twice-weekly (rapid) lateral flow tests in England. I decided that Wednesday will be one of my days and did the test as soon as I got up this morning. Negative. Then later I went to Waitrose and there is now a small pop-up test centre right by the entrance. I will probably go there next time as it’s likely a bit more accurate to have a ‘professional’ do the test. I hope lots of others will do the tests now too so that asymptomatic cases are found.

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