By Ridgeback13

Opening up

Rude awakening this morning. I was enjoying a holiday morning lie in/luxuriating slow read of the papers in bed when for some reason I checked my phone and saw a text that had come in earlier with a plan for the meeting we had at 9am....it was by then 9.09am! OMG never got up so fast...pulled a jumper on instead of my PJ top and dashed to join the call. Thank goodness it wasn’t an in person meeting!
Took a while to get ready afterwards as I was somewhat discombobulated and needed to decide if I was in a hills, woods or beach mood, then checked the tides and headed out to Gullane. Picked up some lunch and headed to the beach and for a change walked wast and right out into Aberlady Bay where I found two of these wrecks of submarines. Paddled in the shallow water (until I turned inland and crossing the ridges in the sand got too uncomfortable!).FaceTimed A to cheer up her office view in cloud with the amazing blue skies, sparkling water and expanse of sand I was immersed in (extras).
Listened to the end of my novel The Hoarder which was good, then started the next book Albert and the Whale which is about the artist Albrecht Durer....jury’s out on it so far. I am loving these long walks with a book in fabulous weather...so lucky.
Headed back in a loop up over the golf links and then back down to the more popular part of Gullane’s beach and walked to the quiet end to find a spot in the dunes to relax....felt really warm and I enjoyed nearly an hour just dozing in the sun. Bliss.
Home and got changed and headed down to hazelh’s garden to meet up for my first proper social event in months....Arclight, Alfthomas, mrhazelh and MH there too and we sat for a couple,e of hours drinking fizz and demolishing crisps and nibbles whilst we talked, laughed, admired the new garden, and talked more (extra). Unbelievably good to just be in company again, have multiple parallel conversations (no chance of that on zoom!), and feel properly human again. Chat ranged widely from garden furniture to royal scandals, Wikipedia to sardines, with birdsong and passports thrown in. All extremely jolly.
This has been a brilliant week off....

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