Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

In The Center

That's BobsBlips' theme today for wide Wednesday.  I had the idea of going to the unofficial center of town and taking a wide photo of the intersection.  I took a lot of photos from a lot of angles. At that intersection, all of the crosswalks are broken into two parts.  Press the button to have enough time to get to the center median. Then press a button to cross from the median to the other side of the street.  At one time or another I crossed all four corners.  It wasn't until I was on the median where the speed limit drops that I paid attention to the sign. It is in the center of the the median.  

I saw the same dang bird again today (phainopepla) but wasn't quick enough to get the photo.  Now that I know this particular bird has staked out its territory, I'll be after it almost every day.  I love a challenge and this bird is not going to get the best of me.  No, no, no!  The most important attribute for a bird photographer is patience. 

For the second time in six months, instead of sending my requested refill, a pharmacist at the mail order company I have to use CANCELED a prescription for reasons too stupid to explain.  I despise these people but I have no other choices (unless I want to pay 2 or 3x as much) because it's part of my union contract.  The price is right ($10 copay/90 days) but the service stinks  For the record, they are the mail order arm of CVS pharmacies. 

Weird dinner tonight because the fridge is empty but I do have tons of soup, cereal and pasta in the pantry. No bread, rolls or even English muffins so I had peanut butter and jelly "wraps" with my last couple of flour tortillas.  I usually have more tortillas than bread - a fairly new habit.

Doctor in Tucson tomorrow so maybe groceries on Friday?

Thanks to Bob for hosting wide Wednesday and for keeping it going for so long.  It's a cool challenge. I will try to participate a little more often.

For the record, another palindromic blip: 3773

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