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By Diane2104

Rock Pipit #45

Today's day trip had us venturing into North Wales and visiting the Great Orme. It was a lovely sunny day, but actually quite cold in the wind on the top of a mountain! 
We have not really done any birding in this area before so it was a bit of trial and error, but we managed to add 5 new year ticks, so that was good. 
The first new one was this rock pipit - mainly found within sight of the sea and on rocky outcrops. Apparently they are quite common in the northwest but I cannot recall seeing one before (but I might have done!)
It wasn't great for photography, but we had a nice picnic halfway up the Orme and enjoyed watching the wheatears and pipits especially. 
The other new birds for the list were Chough, Great Black Backed Gull, Fulmar and Tree Pipit(I think - just waiting for confirmation). 
Extras: One of the now infamous Llandudno goats

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