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By walkingMarj

How very English

Except that it was not raining and we were not huddled under umbrellas!

I've had a day at home. Mum had a hair wash and set this morning. I hoovered through most of the house. I changed a bed and did two loads of washing. 

This afternoon, I went to see Margret for a cuppa in her garden. She has an area that is a suntrap and I was almost too hot. You can see the lovely tubs of flowers she has. (Puts my tubs of dead plants to shame - something to add to the "to do" list.)

After we had dinner, I made a batch of butterfly cakes. They rose beautifully but I left them in a tad too long so they are a little crispy on the outside. They taste good.

Lots of people have been out doing festival walks today. Tomorrow the weather changes and I start four days of walks. Ho hum!

My extra is taken in our front garden. We have a turning circle that is planted up with tulips. They are all out now: some are nearly finished and some are just emerging. I love these pink ones. I think the sun caught the iPhone lens producing flare but I quite like that too.

Mum has gone down with a migraine tonight. Miserable thing to happen.

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