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"Virtual" Walking Festival

Today I led a 5 mile walk which included the famous Langley viaduct, part of the South Tyne Trail, Featherstone Castle and Featherstone Bridge.

It was much colder than when I walked this 3 days ago, but the rain held off until after the walk.

Carole, Jaqui, Julie, John, Roy and I walked together. There was a lot of chat as usual. One problem was when two at the back could not manage to chat and walk at the same time. It seems that some people have problems with multi tasking. You can guess who it was!

John had a traumatic experience this week. He took his lockdown locks to the Turkish barber. It sounds as though no stone was left unturned. The barber did not want to hear John's ideas! I think he has done a very good job. It's an excellent cut. (See extra. John was on the viaduct then.)

I made fairy cakes last night and took them for our coffee stop today.

We might slot in Call the Midwife tonight.

PS Humshaugh Bear was sad because there were no other bears on the walk today.......

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