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Flying to freedom

This image is the one I prepared in the creative/abstract category for our photo group this week. We have a week to make the image and then we all show them on Saturdays and comment on each other's work.

I'm quite happy with working in Photoshop, but I don't usually make creative images. This one started out as the curtains in our spare bedroom (Emma by Laura Ashley). These had the colours modified because I planned to put a vase of Chinese lanterns in front of them. That didn't work but I cut out parts of the lanterns and made the lacy patterns.

Then I had the idea that they looked like butterflies. One of the camera group says they look more like lacewings and I'm happy with that.

The blue "sky" is part of an ICM seascape from Harris.

This image may not quite fit the rules of posting something from today, but I thought you might like to see how my own flight of fancy took me.

It's not been an easy day. 

I overslept and when I staggered to the kitchen to make tea, I burst a tea bag everywhere.

Later, I was making Mum's breakfast and spilled her cereal generously over the outside and inside of my washing machine. The cereal is a mixture of milk, Weetabix and Allbran heated to perfection. When it sets, it is very difficult to remove from kitchen surfaces. Here I had it coating all the little buttons on the washer. I won't say more............

Feeling quite out of sorts, I made myself go for a short walk. I heard larks in the sky above and the sun shone. The sheep were resting with their lambs.

An email pinged on my phone. It was a sad message to say that a walking friend of ours is in hospital and has advanced cancer. She is one of those people who quietly supports and encourages others. It feels very unfair. I hope she soon has symptom control and that she gets the move to the hospice as planned.

Puts everything else in perspective doesn't it?

I won't even mention Priti Patel's news conference. I had to turn it off in the end.

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