Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Bit of an Emergency blip today.  This is just a quick photo I took of my breakfast to post on Instagram. But as its the only photo I took today it will have to do as my blip.  Its a sweet omelette with Choc Shot coconut/chocolate sauce, strawberries and Kvarg.( flavoured quark )

Musical link - Is There Life After BREAKFAST- by Ray Davies

Had a day at home today.  Watched the match on my computer.  Newcastle were at home to Arsenal.  Least said about Newcastle's performance the better.  They were dreadful and lost the game 2 nil.

Sorted out some admin, did some washing and booked my train tickets and hotel accommodation for my trip to Sussex next month.

Had to change my dates as I originally planed to travel on 4th June but that wasn't recommended by LNER as they  are doing rail works from 4th - 6th and no trains at all will go into Kings Cross.  So instead I would have had 4 changes in my journey including a tube journey and also replacement bus service on one leg.  So I decided to stay for an extra night and travel on 3rd.  This means I will do my usual journey of a train to Kings Cross, walk to St Pancras then Thameslink to Sussex. I will stay in a Premier Inn.   ( Beckys spare room is now a nursery )

Just watched Call The Midwife - excellent as usual.  Recorded Line of Duty and I will watch it later.  It will need my full attention for sure.  Looking forward to some loose ends getting tied up.  Who is H ????

Steps today -2,535

CORONA CLASSIC - Gerald Finzi - Clear and Gentle Stream

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