Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj


It did rain and rain and rain today. It was cold too, and grey and miserable.

I kept indoors and did exciting housework, washing and ironing, bed changing. There was no temptation to avoid it. Oh yes, I washed and set Mum's hair.

We made a start on the list of people to invite to her 100th birthday party in September. It will be a tiring day for her but lovely to see folk.

Brian (across the road) had a thyroid operation yesterday. I walked as far as their letterbox to pop a Get Well card in the door. He has been detained in hospital for another night but he already feels the benefit from removing the enlarged lobe.

I managed to put the buttons on three jackets for the charity knit. Then I started a teddy bear hand puppet. I'm not convinced about it. I also watched The Victim, yet another programme I missed when it was on TV. It was a shame it was the same actress who played Jo in Line of Duty because she looked equally anguished in both!

We have started watching A Splinter of Ice which is a play about Kim Philby and Graham Greene. We saw Act One tonight. It is fascinating.

My gorgeous tulips were completely sodden but still very beautiful. More are in bud, so there will be more to see in due course.

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