A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


I felt my magnolia Susan should have a starring role on blip this year. We cut back some of the bigger tree (Magnolia Soulangia) last year to give it more space and it has worked.
This is probably the best flowering we have had despite the frequent frosts.
The small tree to the left is a Stellata and it was in full flower before the frost scorched it a bit. The big tree never really got into its stride this year. It has some flowers and had the frost been a ‘one off’  it might have been ok as we only had a couple of flowers at first that were caught out. It could be that this bigger tree has helped to shelter the blooms on the smaller Susan.

Had a fun sing again this morning. It’s the last time we will sing in a circle around the perimeter of the marquee, next week we move into rows to make it easier for him to teach us.
When we came out we debated whether to go somewhere for a coffee but it was looking very like rain and sure enough as we drove home the first spots hit the wind screen. Of course when we got home up the sun was swinging and I popped into the garden to take the blip.
It’s been like that all afternoon so far. Bright sun and heavy showers. Chris has to decide whether to risk meeting Mr Corinthian at the pub later, this time next week it won’t matter as they will be able to go inside!

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