The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

Terribly special tulips

...on my evening walk, which included the cemetery. Most of my walks do, because I live next door to it.

GG and I had a strange day. The weather was forecast to be dreadful. I'd suggested to GG that we posh up our clothing to visit my cousin's art exhibition in a converted mill. Walking was out, because she turned up in heels.

The exhibition was interesting, but the fatal mistake I made was to accept a glass of wine when proffered. My cousin Fiona's husband is a wine merchant. Anyway, I'd not touched alcohol since October, more or less, so quaffing a glass of rose before lunch made me a little light headed. We bought some postcards, because the paintings were out of our range, and went back to GG's, where I made myself a coffee to sober up.

After our at-table picnic, we watched the news and tried to renew GG's Railcard online. The internet is bad at her place, but I didn't expect this to take a full hour! Then there was the phone call to EE to find out why she was being billed for three mobile phones simultaneously.... Then there was the face cream from Boots....Then I put my foot down and said I needed to go home, after GG had bought some cards and we'd discussed our forthcoming holiday. Considering she is more used to going on cruises, she will be slumming it going on holiday by train/bus/foot avec moi! But then again, hands up who fancies a cruise this year?

Back home, I changed the bedding, sorted out yet more cards and went for a long-enough walk (6,000 steps, mostly through woods) and carried on listening to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, on an app, till I lost the signal and realised I preferred the sound of birdsong!

Now we are watching The Pursuit of Love. I am considering making banana bread later. More of that drafted play, too. Needless to say, I have NOT read the first twenty-three chapters of Passage to India for tomorrow's class!

My cousin's website:

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