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Arth takes centre stage

This morning was the regular meeting of the Northern RPS Documentary Group. I do enjoy this meeting. There are many like minds and also plenty of good discussion.

Harry showed us some of his lock down images - superb.

This afternoon Margaret (across the road) drove me to the Nuffield Hospital in Newcastle (where I'm lucky to be an NHS patient) to have a steroid injection under ultrasound control into the ilio tibial band of my right knee.

Arth: What did you think of all that Aggie?
Aggie:  I agree with Marj that the consultant looked about 18 years old
Arth: I think that's because she is getting old - it's all relative!
Aggie:  I was impressed to see the swelling under the itband where the pain comes from.
Arth:  Me too - he certainly hit the spot with the injection. I hope you think I was brave (yet again)?
Aggie:  Yes, you were very brave indeed. Now let's hope we can just get on with our walking and no more hospital visits!!

I have to rest for 24 hours so have no plans to do more than some knitting and TV tomorrow. So far, paracetamol is doing the trick.

My blip is taken from the seat where I waited. The lady in the other seat has problems with a trigger finger, so I recommended the best hand surgeon in Newcastle to her. I've desaturated her to make her less recognisable, but also because I think that waiting patients can become almost invisible as the staff bustle by.

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