Dolphin Watch

Goodbye Lossiemouth and west we did go. Incredibly slowly it seemed. Burghead was on the beam forever, but eventually we closed on Fort George. The forecast was for a good NW breeze and we looked forward to a fine sail past Chanonry Point. Instead the wind dropped to nothing. But it sprung up for the last mile, and under Kessock we managed to majestically glide. Straight into the tidal rips.
So, into Inverness Marina, as the canal people fancied stopping work at 3:30pm. A Gold standard Marina apparently. Why we only got cold showers wasn’t clear. We headed to town to the Black Isle Brewery Bar for delicious if not exactly inexpensive pizzas and beers. Farewell to Rog who had a bus to catch, while we ended up supping Tennant’s and watching football in a boozer round the corner. What delights we’ve been missing.

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