Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Neil messaged asking to meet me at the railway station in Newcastle at 2.30pm. While I was at the station I used the self service machine to collect my train tickets for my trip to Sussex next month.  As the Mono Monday theme is " something beginning with S " I took some shots of the Station - inside and out -  before I met Neil.  I also took photos of the three Statues which are near the station so my blip was done... or so I thought. ( See Extra collage for photos of Station and Statues )

Neil came straight from work  and he was hungry so we stopped off at a cafe near the station and he had a burrito.  I just had a diet coke.  We sat outside and it was very pleasant as the weather was nice. 

Then we went to Slater Menswear as Neil wanted to check out suits in readiness to buy one for his wedding.  He wasn't intending on buying today but he wanted to see what was available.  The shop was huge.  And there were loads of staff.  All very helpful.  Neil didn't find any suits that he was madly keen on.  He did try two on which I thought looked OK.  But  Neil said  I would think he looked Ok in any of them.  Which is probably true.  So he sent photos of the two he tried on to Rachael who didn't seem impressed either.  She is going to come back with him another time.  Apart from getting a suit for Neil they need to get 4 suits exactly the same for the brides father, the brides brother ( who both live in Ireland so can't go for a fitting )  and the 2 best men.  Hopefully it will all get sorted in good time. So for my blip I took a shot of my Son, in Slater Menswear looking at Suits.Thanks to laurie54 for hosting.

Musical link - SUIT and Tie - by Justin Timberlake

Then we did some more Shopping.  Neil needed a new pair of running Shoes so we went to a specialist shop called Northern Runner. They are the only local shop that sells the exact shoes he usually wears - HOKA,  They didn't have many in stock in his size but he did find a pair he liked.  As they were quite expensive I decided to buy them for him as an early birthday present.  Might as well get him something he really wants.  He's already tried them out on a short run this evening. 

After buying shoes Neil headed home and I went to Waitrose. 

Steps today - 10,100

CORONA CLASSIC - Michael Tippett : Symphony No. 2

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