Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


As you can see, it's the elements within this blip that are connected (BobsBlips' widwed subject for today.  Thanks, Bob).

Taken in St Thomas' Street, I liked the way the painted boy was mirrored by the living boy - same hair, same hooded jacket - and the fact that one lad was staring at the other.  Then of course there are the lego bricks painted onto the actual bricks and two lots of building work going on.

Well, it amused me, anyway ;))

The wall art is the latest by Hendog, Winchester's answer to Banksy.  Every city has one!

Other than that a peaceful day.  A day for pottering.  The sun got going, though later than yesterday, and it's now very warm.  I had two separate visitors, both wanting something.  Money and money, you know how it is..

Enjoy your evening/morning (depending on what side of the world you're on)  xx

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