Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

Look who we met today!

I was out with the Intermediates today on a 7.06 mile circuit south of Haydon Bridge. There were 19 of us, which is the largest number since before Covid.

As usual there was lots of chat and banter as we walked. There was a lot of climbing uphill on this walk too and some of us had to stop talking to save our breath!

Here is a tiny mole we encountered. The soil was bone dry so I don't know how he planned to go underground again and there was no mole hill nearby.

Henry cautioned us to be silent as we went past the Bogle Wood. Legend has it that if you wake the bogles they will come to your house and create great mischief.

After a swift drink outside The Anchor pub in Haydon Bridge, I made it to Hexham in (just in) time for my eye test. I did not need a change of prescription and I had a good check up.

PS I wonder if anyone else thinks of a mole as Mouldy Warp? Who else read those stories??

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