An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Time out...

Kildary, Ross & Cromarty, Day 5

Today has been the most laid back of our holiday so far (well for me anyway.  David played golf so that required some energy :-)

The weather took a turn this morning and it rained, so I had a lie in and enjoyed reading my book for a hour.

Another leisurely lunch then afterwards I crocheted for a while and David researched the layout of Tain golf club.  He had booked a round just after 4pm so he headed off and I researched where we might go tomorrow (it's to be a beautiful sunny and warm day.) 

 After narrowing our choices to two (to be discussed :-) I got my paints out and spent a very relaxing couple of hours finishing off a painting I started before we came here (it's not completely finished as it needs to be doodled on), followed by a loose, sketchy painting of a honeysuckle blossom from the beautiful and fragrant honeysuckle bush here in the garden.  

David arrived back just as I was clearing up .  We've now had dinner and about to discuss tomorrow's plans.  

As I type a bunny rabbit is looking in the window at me :-))

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