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By walkingMarj

Sheer indulgence

Julie and I had a day in the bit city. She actually lives there, but I have hardly been since the first lockdown.

We met for lunch and then went to the Laing Art Gallery to see an exhibition called Challenging Convention. The curator has brought together works of four female artists who were born towards the end of the 19th century and whose work was done mainly in the 20th. They are Vanessa Bell, Gwen John, Dod Procter and Laura Knight.

There were hardly any other visitors, so we had time to look, read and discuss the paintings. I was deeply unimpressed by the work of Vanessa Bell. Dod Procter showed her talent as an artist and some of the Laura Knight paintings were stunning.

While we were waiting for lunch, Julie produced her purchase from John Lewis. I haven't worn perfume for ages and I like this one.

Sadly I had a bit of an upset tummy during the afternoon, but it seems to be settling now.

I did not see the eclipse. It was very cloudy in Newcastle and very muggy too.

Here's to more day's out (but perhaps a different restaurant next time)!

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