By dunkyc


By the time the nice lady from India had admitted defeat in trying to remotely fix my machine and it was time to turn the blasted thing off, I realised that I hadn’t been outside all day.

Certainly, I’d done a fair amount of pacing about on phone calls and pretending to be important, but I hadn’t actually set foot outside. I was probably too stunned by the fact that the monthly meeting which usually results in a psychological pasting actually went well for once.

It had been such a grey dour day that it was nice to see the stunning poppies blowing around on the breeze out front as I headed off for a walk. Aside from a grainy photo of a swan and accompanying cygnets it’s the only photo I took, so will have to serve.

Slightly bummed that my left foot is playing up again and I can’t run on it……grrrr. Also means I’ve had to cut down on my unhealthy snacking hobby. Also grrrrrr.

Get to meet some colleagues in person tomorrow which is nice though, particularly as one of them is my estranged work-wife who I haven't seen in person in over a year.

There will be hugs and I daresay something might get in my eye because I am utterly useless.

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