By pensionspoet

Evening walk on Cromer pier

You can't keep me away from the sea this week - not swimming today but a nice walk around Cromer with Jon after work. First wander down the pier for a long time and we sat for a while on a bench and just looked out towards the sea and along the coast line. I felt really tired last night so had already said to Jon I didn't want to walk this morning, so this walk made up for it a bit.

My work day was quite pleasant, although I know I am quite moany about things quite a lot of the time. I'm lucky I have such tolerant team mates. Glad when 4.30 came and I made sure I logged off quite smartish. It felt quite odd not seeing mum in my coffee break and lunchtime today, after her being here for the last 2 weeks.

Henry has gone out into Norwich with his friends now they are back from university and Mollie has seen her friends this evening. After our walk i made small pizzas for Jon and I, counting the calories as I went. Its challenging!

Now we plan to watch the film 'Yesterday' on Netflix. If I can stay awake!

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