Day 448 Camouflaged

Today was even hotter, too hot for me really and I just managed a couple of hours in the garden sitting fully in the shade.  I did take  few tours of the garden to photograph something for my blip, but it was while I was sitting down that I saw this parakeet in the ash tree.  The quality of the shot isn't brilliant as he was a fair distance away, but I did like his comical expression as he looked at me and squawked chattered away.
This afternoon Mr MC joined (ex) work colleagues for a picnic in Epping Forest.  For me it was too hot and I'm not ready to sit on the ground yet, so I gave it a miss.  Going by himself meant that Mr MC could walk, rucksack on back, to the chosen venue, thus avoiding the new parking charges at a number of the forest's car parks.

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