Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

The theme for today’s mono Monday challenge is “steady.” Thanks to Majoayee for being our host. Here we say, ‘ready, set, go’ so I was going to blip a set of something. Changed my mind, though, when I arrived at the Café. I saw the ladder and thought that it was pretty steady. Then a little girl came in with her family and was seated quite steadily in the child seat. I couldn’t decide so pick your poison. (You picked her!)

Same temp as yesterday despite some high clouds most of the day. I met a neighbor who lives around the bend. I had been stalking the buds on her cactus and when I stopped to look I had missed them. We started chatting outside then she invited me in. Her name is Lorelei and she was a 4th grade teacher in a rural school. It was a little freaky because ~> Laurie+4th grade+rural school, too.

My nephrologist moved my appointment to tomorrow. After I agreed, I was told that it would now be in person. Kinda shot myself in the foot because now I won’t be home for a the camera club class I’ve been missing. Oh, well. I have something more relaxing to look forward to. Three weeks from today I’ll be in the mountains for a few nights. Ahhh….

Happy Monday!!

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