Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

Blue Jays

Not much effort went into today's blip but I did find something blue and tiny, so that's something.  Many thanks to Pinkhairedlady for hosting Tiny Tuesdays this month.  I'm looking forward to having time for photography again but right now I'm busy working outside in the mornings and it's too HOT to do anything in the afternoons.  It was 104 (40) degrees today, a few degrees less yesterday and about the same tomorrow.  I looked ahead at the weather where we're going to be next week and it's 70s during the days and 40s at night.  Can't wait!!

So, the camper saga continues....  I was home from the pool by 8:15 this morning and ready to do some work on the trailer before it was too hot.  PD had emptied the large outside storage compartment and we went through everything then repacked it, adding and subtracting some items.  Then we hooked up the hose and partially filled our water tank.  All was good at this point and I even remembered that all the faucets were in the on positions after we winterized.  After checking what I though was everything, I turned on the water pump and heard water gushing.  I immediately turned it off and we cleaned up the water.  Then I shined a flashlight into the pump box and PD said he could see the problem.  The main hose was disconnected.  Once that was connected, I turned on the pump again and no leaks.  The hot water heater filled and we turned it on and it's working, as is the refrigerator.  The batteries were fully charged this morning.  So that's it!  Everything is finally in working order and I am very grateful for that!  Tomorrow we drop off the truck for an oil change and check up for travel.  Fingers crossed all is well with it!

Thanks to everyone for your visits and stars and hearts.  They are all really appreciated! xx

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