My first thought when I saw Jonty walking along the footpath in the park at lunchtime, after Hendrix and Buddy had left. A thin, and very even, strip of grass that had been left, rather like when they leave patches of wild flowers until they seed but I don't think that was the reason.
Jonty went to the vet this afternoon for a check up on his mouth. Very pleased, continue with soft food for a few days before letting him try dried food again.
Been busy again this afternoon continuing to paint. It takes a few coats of Frenchic to cover the beigey 'Contemporary' paint that the doors are painted in. The window area is looking very good as are the doors leading from the sitting room to the dining room. 
What I didn't take a photo of is those 20 panes of glass before the scraping. I had the great idea of not taping around them, just paint and use the little hand scrapers to remove the paint from the glass - NOT a great idea. It is fine on larger panes of glass but not 20 small ones, and that was both sides so you could say it was 40 panes! Took us both hours to clean the paint off them all. I'm certainly not popular with Marlane at the moment, but she does still love me though (I think! HAHAHAHA).
See the extra.

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