Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


It was insufferably hot again today so my time outside was limited and I stayed at the edge of the woods where it was shaded.  Which turned out to be a good thing because I always forget that there are many interesting things that live in the woods...

Today's insect is a first for the yard - a Tiger Crane Fly (Nephrotoma alterna), looking like a large colorful mosquito.  Happily it doesn't bite.  Crane flies, like so many other flies now that I think about it, are tricky to identify but I am 90% certain of my id in this instance.  He posed for several shots on a bare pine branch but when I tried to get a dorsal shot, he had enough and left.  Oh well.

I misplaced by favorite quick-reference insect guide sometime during the winter.  I've searched in all the likely places and finally gave up a few days ago and ordered a replacement from Amazon.  Thank goodness because it usually always points me in the right direction.  I have an ever-growing library of insect guides, much to Hubs' horror.  By the way, if you live in the New England States, I highly recommend Tom Murray's "Insects of New England and New York".

I neglected to mention that our downstairs AC unit went out three days ago - right before the current heat wave.  Luckily it hasn't been too unbearable downstairs as we keep the sheers closed and things do cool down at night.  And the heat wave is breaking tonight; and the AC guys are coming tomorrow.  The unit was installed when we had the house built 20 years ago so I rather suspect we are in for a big purchase.  Oh well, we've certainly gotten our money's worth from it.  We replaced the upstairs unit 2 years ago.

I didn't get near enough sleep last night so I went back to bed for several hours this morning.  Remarkably, I haven't had the usual wave of fatigue this afternoon.  Too soon to claim victory, but I'll take a good day.  Rash continues to get better by the day, too.  Yay!

The little baby spiders from yesterday are still in place.  Today I heard them discussing plans to take all the medals in the orb-weaving competition in the AOG.  Personally, I think they may be getting a bit ahead of themselves but far be it from me to crush spiderling dreams.

Be safe, people.  And make sure your chocolate doesn't melt.  Dark with raspberry today...


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