Capital adventures

By marchmont


Some to and fros during the night with Ashburton NZ.  I need to find some photos now.  After my swim I cleaned the car, inside and out. Needed it after it having been a mobile garden shed for the last 10 days.  It is a lot better now, though hard work in a slope.

Then off to the Manor to collect Mum for her birthday lunch.  I should have got her to put more summery clothes on but she said she'd be ok.  It too ages to get to Peebles due to a huge bouchon at the Straiton roundabout.  Didn't seem to be an obvious cause.

We were booked at the Park Hotel, outside in the garden, in the sun.  The food was lovely but the service very slow. Though it didn't matter.  There was no rush.  Then we went down to the Tweed and sat by the river for a while watching the world go by.

Drive home via Romanno Bridge and West Linton (again). It was a lovely drive.  Dropped Mum at the Manor and sorted out her wardrobe for tomorrow and then came home to sit in the garden for a while, enjoying the sun.  This may be the last day.

F2F - 9
Phone calls - 2
Virtual - 0

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