Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR


Although we are some what north of the areas of the country directly affected by Storm Evert, we have had a day of blustery wind, rain and sunshine - such strange weather for July. It was tricky getting this photo of the agapanthus in my garden as it was waving about but they are open now and looking lovely so I wanted a photo of it.

I went grocery shopping, but the pingdemic means there are still shortages of certain products so it was a bit frustrating at the supermarket. Restaurants are not coping with the lack of staff and it is now also affecting other sectors. Many people don't trust the app anymore and have deleted it, as it is quite ridiculous to be pinged so randomly. When a group of people go to the same place and only one is pinged you do wonder how it works. I believe we are reaching a good level of herd immunity now, and vaccinations have definitely been the way out of this crisis. 

Well done to team GB on all their medals. I love the personal stories of how some athletes have really faced such adversity to get to the Olympics, like gold medal winner Bethany Shriever who had to use crowd funding to finance her place in the Olympics after the funding for the woman's BMX  team was pulled, and the gold medal winner freestyle swimmer who had to train in a plastic pool in his garden - the Olympic athletes show such determination and discipline.

For the past two weeks Inca has been working horrible hours on a dairy farm as part of her veterinary student practical training. Up at 3.15 am every day to get to milking by 4am, shovelling sh*t and being a free source of labour all day for the farmer was not much fun. Anyway she has now finished and will be enjoying an evening out with Tommy and her family before coming to stay over at us tonight.

Gavin and I are going out with friends for dinner tonight which we are looking forward to.

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