Didn’t start the day well as I woke later than I’d planned and had just got dressed and then pushed down the plunger on some leave-in conditioner to do my hair and it squirted out all over my blouse…so I had to change and start again!
Into the office and had a good catch up with L and then a session with J….so strange to not have V in her office any more but it was nice to get to know J and although she feels swamped at the moment I’m sure she’ll soon feel at home and start to enjoy the team.
Took me all afternoon to catch up on email and get my head properly back into work mode, however managed to get through a lot in the end (but still have piles of prep to do for tomorrow!). Phone call about an opportunity for next year and decided to explore it….we’ll see
A lot of the day it poured with rain and the poor Fringe people in the gardens looked drenched. Not the best of starts to the low key festival month!
Home and decided to make a roast chicken dinner….delicious!

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