This is obviously one of the antirrhinums, but I have no idea which one. I stupidly threw away the packet after sowing them, plus it has proved to be a really daft idea to sow them with the poppies. Only now are they managing to come through and flower, but there won't be enough, I'm sure, for me to be able to harvest them for cut flowers on the dining room table.

You live and learn. But the flowers are delicate and pretty, although not especially easy to photograph in situ. I considered blipping the tiny deep red flowers coming through on the sedum 'Bertram Anderson', but I'll save those for another day.

The furthest I've been today is the recycling bins in the garage. Mr A beats me, as he went out onto Anderson Place with a man from a different firm who came round to measure up and quote for new fitted bedroom furniture. We're a bit frustrated with the whole process, and we feel that if they concentrated on doing their job rather than dissing the other firms, they would do a whole lot better job, and have a fewer negative reviews. We recognise that things are difficult because of Covid, and also because Brexit has upset supplies of labour and materials, but even so some of the horror stories we read on the reviews websites were hair curling (and toe curling). And no one seems to want to do precisely what we are asking them to do...which is to avoid increasing the footprint of what we currently have by more than about 5-10%. I'm on the point of saying I'll just buy two new self-standing self-assembly wardrobes and be done with it....

Relaxation to offset those frustrations has come in the form of an hour's yoga, spread over the day, and some time on the balcony this morning, planting out Mr A's new winter flowering honeysuckle, and swapping some plants around that had disappointed. We just don't have enough space to accommodate things that disappoint us and fail to flower. So they have to go ;-)

I was planning to walk over to the supermarket to get some steps in, but truth be told the only things we really needed were tomatoes. Frankly, it didn't seem worth it. Mr A made a perfectly acceptable salmon salad without them, and bearing in mind how little I've done today, that was absolutely fine.

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