By carliewired

A Storm is Brewing

A grey start to this
morning. Might we expect some
needed rain today?

~ carliewired

I drove into McArthur Island Park just after 6 AM. It was 12 C with a much appreciated air quality of 2 (low risk). We have the threat of a thunderstorm again today and it's a grey morning. 

A lovely doe crossed the ring road in front of me. I stopped at the curb, rolled down my driver's window and pulled up my camera to watch her. She stopped in the playing field to lick and scratch herself. She got into the most surprising contortions which seemed very amusing at first glance. Looking at my photos, it seems she's losing a lot of hair and must be most uncomfortable. I don't know much about deer. Do they get mange as dogs do? 

I stopped again on the south side of the park. I got a shot of the Canada geese on the Thompson River with a view back to the downtown.  There were no marmots to be seen today. Are they already in hibernation? 

I got a shot of my mountains against the bank of grey cloud. I paused for a photo of the slough on the north side of the island. It was extremely calm and quiet there. 

I picked up my breakfast at the drive thru and headed for home. We have another session of cleaning and sorting today. I can hardly wait!!

Our provincial health office has announced a step back in covid procedures for our health region. We've seen an increase in cases recently and as numbers are climbing there's an attempt to reign things in. We are back to masking for those 12 and over for all indoor activities and there's a restriction to gatherings once again. For myself, I will continue to live my hermit's life and hope for the best. 

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